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  • Oh don’t worry, I’ll pour the exact same scorn on people who pour money into EA’s yearly sports games, Activision’s yearly shooting games, every fucking mobile game ever, and all the nicotine stained gamblers propping up their local bookies.

    But lets not pretend it’s “supporting a project” or fundraising in any way, shape or form. It’s throwing money at greedy cunts because they have an addiction problem.

    And while gambling becomes ever more heavily regulated, gaming seems to avoid it. It won’t manage it forever, and $1000 pretend spaceships are pushing boundaries that will bring regulations down on the whole industry.

  • Animal Well

    Reminds me of old Spectrum platform games, like Jet Set Willy or Dynamite Dan. Only with better controls.

    Sort of Metroidvania. Not overly difficult for the most part, although some bits took me a fair few attempts. Lots of secrets and hidden areas.

    Made by a single developer, Billy Basso, who sounds like a comic book character, but a British one who says things like “cor, eh readers?”