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  • Hey,

    I’m due to make a post about the instances finances soon. I’ll get one posted in the next bit.

    I’m still covering costs out of pocket but my goal has been to have this instance fully funded by its members. I want this instance to stay true to its members, the fediverse and be put in a position where it can continue to thrive transparently without me. The admin team has been doing an outstanding job keeping this instance safe and moderated for everyone. I don’t thank them enough but they are the true heroes of this instance.

    As some may know, I’ve been working with a local non profit for the past 6 months to have them leveraged in accepting accepting donations for this instance. They have been slow to get things done but its progressing. I may end up doing what I was trying to avoid and create my own non-profit instead if that’s what it takes. That direction does have its own challenges and would add additional responsibilities to my plate.

    In the meanwhile, while some of the costs of the services have gone up slightly, I get joy knowing that I can continue providing this instance to all of you. I’m OK paying the costs to keeping the lights on until we can transition to donations.

  • The biggest consumer of storage on this instance is related to the image hosting which we use an external object storage provider for. The second is the database which is no were near the 2TB capacity. 1TB SSDs are cheaper than 2TB SSDs and I also didn’t want to spend more than I needed. As other mentioned if we need more space or IOPs in the future, I could accomplish this by adding more drives as a quick fix. This server does not support NVME unless I leverage its PCIe ports but I don’t plan on doing that. By the time this instance gets to the point where 10 SSD drives just isn’t cutting it anymore I’ll probably have come across another opportunities on getting a new server with better NVME support.

  • Hey all, I’m always excited to upgrade to the latest versions that become available. Unless the upgrade is related to security I will tend to wait a few days to give other instances a chance to share their experiences. Before upgrading I usually go over the issues that have been submitted to help understand the risks and solutions to mitigate them.

    That being said the new version does bring in a whole bunch of performance gains (mostly related to the database) that i’m looking forward to.

    Lemmy.world is due to upgrade later today and I plan on upgrading shortly after them (either Monday or Tuesday).

    I will put up a notification up prior to the upgrade.