Here are the new features in lemmyBB which I added since the original announcement. In case you dont know what it is, LemmyBB is an alternative frontend for Lemmy, based on phpBB. Sooner or later it will be able to replace lemmy-ui for those who prefer a different user interface.

Support for site setup

Admins can easily initialize their new instance

Much improved post editor

  • Working smileys
  • Working previews
  • Working buttons to insert bold, italic, quote etc
  • Javascript enabled on entire site
  • Dont need to enter community name manually anymore

Support for notifications

You will now receive notifications about new replies, mentions and private messages.

Next tasks

There is still a lot of functionality missing, most importantly:

  • Private messages
  • Search
  • Everything related to moderation
  • Localization
  • User profiles

Contributions are very much welcome!

Official community for lemmyBB frontend.

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