This is the key bit in my opinion: ![]( Facebook got concerned that Apple and Google control mobile platforms, and they wanted to have a platform that they controlled entirely.

Zlibrary IS NOT GONE, The tor version still works
cross-posted from: > The tor link still works > link - http://zlibrary24tuxziyiyfr7zd46ytefdqbqd2axkmxm4o5374ptpc52fad.onion/ > > ZLibrary is not gone!

This is very important for everyone to know. Recently there has been a big development with phishing (people stealing your online credentials using fake communications pretending to be from companies or governments). To explain it simply, a certain group of cybercriminals have developed a sophisticated method of impersonating websites such that the websites will appear to be secure in your web browser (something you would usually see with a locked padlock icon). What's worse still, is that they have also developed a way to break 2 Factor Authentication (2FA - when you sign in to an online account with both a password and an extra code sent to your phone, email or from an authenticator app). You may soon start to see very convincing communications claiming to be from companies or governments, be extremely careful to check the web address (URLs) in any communications that are sent to you and if any doubt, just don't click it and do not give them your passwords or 2FA codes. Please share this with people you know who are vulnerable to phishing.

> The compound is called tetrataenite, and the fact that scientists have found a way to make it in a lab is a huge deal. If synthetic tetrataenite works in industrial applications, it could make green energy technologies significantly cheaper. It could also roil the market in rare earths, currently dominated by China, and create a seismic shift in the industrial balance between China and the West.

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