It feels like upvotes don't have enough weight in the algorithm, as the order is almost always newest-comments-first

Someone made a RTL Arabic lemmy!
Could someone who speaks Arabic please contact them? I'd love to get those changes incorporated into lemmy-ui.

What did the Viet people ever do to you, @yorma?
![]( ![]( ![]( These aren't even recent events. Vietnamese people must be pretty passive if you have to go all the way back to 2019 to find a case of organized crime.

Please clarify what rules were broken for /c/askawoman to be removed.
I saw that the newly created community "askawoman" was deleted due to being a "troll community", with reason being I never had the chance to visit, but see nothing in the provided link that indicates that it's a troll community. Could the administration please clarify what made you decide it had to be removed so I can make sure I don't do the same and get my own communities blocked from federation?

What does this mean for Lemmy instances and the practice of blocking and banning users and instances? Or even moderation? (I know Lemmy has not grown into the ranks of Twitter & Facebook YET). Other states and countries either have passed or are introducing similar laws - so it will not just be a Texas thing - and depending on the specifics of the law, it may not be confined to Big Tech. > The ruling clears the way for Texans and the Texas Attorney General's office to file lawsuits against Big Tech giants like YouTube, Twitter and Facebook if they take down or censor certain political viewpoints.

We have to make the concepts of decentralization and federation clearer to newcomers
In the last two days I witnessed three separate instances where a new user doesn't understand that lemmy is bigger than just They would either vent or attack lemmy for say its moderation or users' opinions when in fact they're only criticizing It's perplexing how they end up on when [the instances page]( doesn't put on top. Is it because of the high userbase? If that's the case, devs still got to make it absolutely clear on their website how lemmy functions as a whole. Maybe insert extra dialogs when trying to sign up and move the "join a server" button to thr bottom of the page so people would scroll through and read.

Update's Code of Conduct
Due to the recent ban of a for "Bigotry and racism on his main account on Wolfball." it is requested that updates the Code of Conduct to reflect actual moderation. Please consider adding that will ban users for comments made with other accounts on other instances.

New domains for Weblate, Gitea, Drone (updated)
I have just finished migrating the services mentioned above to new domains, and also to hosting on the server, instead of my personal server. This makes sense because all of them are used almost exclusively for Lemmy development. It will also allow []( to administrate the services in case of problems. The new domains are: Gitea: Weblate: Drone: There are redirects in place, so you will automatically be forwarded from old domains to new ones.

Lots of images broken on
It is just me, or are there a lot of icons broken on since a few days? I also get a lot of time-outs when posting stuff. Some ongoing attack or problems with the hoster?

For background, the dev team at Hexbear forked Lemmy a while back and implemented various features. The team is now working on porting those features back to Lemmy proper, to eventually enable porting the entire Hexbear site back onto Lemmy. This will enable federating. Features ported this time include: - Modlog filters - Comment rate limits - Visual improvements to post listings In future we can expect to see Hexbear’s pronoun tags and custom emotes coming back to Lemmy.

Are votes meant to be secret?
From the UI that pretty much copies Reddit's in the regard, it would seem that yes. However, the votes are actually not secret. Maybe they were when they were local, but now they are transmitted to the federated instances. From other platforms, like Friendica, one can actually see the votes as (dis)likes. I can see your votes. Because of Lemmy's UI, it is very easy to believe that the votes are secret, and many users probably assume they are. For example, I am quite sure the ones who use an alt from another instance to double-downvote do make that assumption. I think this fact should be disclosed in a clear way, at least in the instances' sidebar, if not in a banner. From there on, I see two possibilities: * embrace that the votes are not secret, and allow Lemmy user to optionally see them * make the votes actually secret As a Friendica user, who is used to like as a public appreciation mark, I am naturally in favor of the first option, but that is only my personal preference. If the second one is preferred, it means that the other admins should never receive the voters' identities. One should not trust the other admins to just not display them. In fact, I think "never trust the remote admin" should be an important rule in the fediverse, an instance should generally protect its own users rather than expecting others to do it in its stead. In that case, I think it would be appropriate that "Vote" should be an disctinct activity from "Like", and in particular one that cannot be federated with the authors name. Maybe it could be a private thing sent to the Group, who in turn sends a IsVoted activity? This is pure fantasy, I am not qualified to suggest an actual implementation, I just think it should be distinguished from other platforms' public likes.

Would it be too hard to make a Lemmy desktop application with Tauri?
Since both are written using Rust, I figured it would be super nice to have a desktop application using their toolkit. I was wondering if it could be considered by the developers and if anyone has any idea how hard would be to create it for someone who's not a developer. Since you are technically not coding, maybe it feasible?

Bug: Can't subscribe to remote/federated PeerTube channels on a PeerTube server
Examples, same PeerTube instance but different parent accounts ( **Search for, find and able to subscribe:** **Search for, sometimes spinning forever, sometimes "No Results":** **Edit/update:** As I get more familiar with Lemmy and PeerTube, this turns out to be an artifact of federation. The "@" obviously designates an account on a different server and when "" won't resolve, "" will. Original title "Bug: Can't subscribe to PeerTube channels with "@" in the name" changed.

Is there any way to embed YouTube, Streamable, Imgur, Gfycat, etc. videos on Lemmy?
I can't found it how can I post embedded videos or posts from social media sites, like on Reddit or other similar sites.

Keyboard navigation in Lemmy
Is it possible to navigate through Lemmy with keyboard shortcuts? I appreciate the vim-like shortbuts in Mastodon.

I have finished writing instructions for deploying lemmyBB on a production server, which you can follow at the link above. Right now the project is still in a very early stage, nevertheless main funcionality is already working. This includes browsing communities, posts and comments, writing posts/comments and registration/login. Before developing the project further, I would like to get some feedback from users and admins. If you are interested, you can follow the instructions to install lemmyBB on your own server. This setup also installs lemmy-ui, in order to access functionality which is not yet available in lemmyBB (particularly moderation). You can also try out lemmyBB on a test server with this setup, namely []( It runs lemmy-ui at [](, which shows the same data in another format, and the same account login works on both domains. Registrations are currently open, but keep in mind that this instance is only meant for testing, until other instances are created. If you notice any bugs or want to request new features, please open an [issue]( or comment here.

Everything about Lemmy; bugs, gripes, praises, and advocacy.

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